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The Story of SHE

As young girls we were encouraged to compete. The lesson most of us learned was that in order to win, others had to loose. We saw these ideas played out over and over in school, in games, among adults, and in the media — movies, television, videos, magazines, and social media, and we believed it.

In a society that profits from your insecurities and promotes unhealthy competition, loving yourself and taking care of one another is an act of rebellion.

That constant state of opposition made us feel disconnected and inadequate. Of course those feelings lead to all kinds of issues with our self-image, self-esteem, and self-worth. So we sought out other people and groups to fill that part of us that we lost along the way. Here we learned a new lesson: No one and no thing can fix us because we are not broken. You know what else we found out? Something really magical happens when we hold space for each others growth too. This got us thinking even bigger.

What would the impact on future generations be if young women and gender non-conforming people started viewing themselves as sisters and friends instead of rivals? What happens when we embrace community over competition?  

How could we, working collectively and collaboratively make a positive impact in the world? Can we help set into motion a world of regenerative good will, respect, and compassion? SHE says, "Undeniably, YES!"

The SHE community is built on the spirit of adding value, forging opportunities and engaging in creative ways to give back. Together, we blend the ideas that become our vision and combine the faith and passion that become our purpose.

SHE encourages our community to think as creators, not just consumers. Because we each have a valuable voice to be heard, talents to share, ideas to bring to life and dreams to fulfill, the young people of SHE are here to do things differently.  We are demonstrating the power of sisterhood through our collective success. Winning has become the sum of -- not the difference between.

Visibility changes everything.

We run programs including workshops and camps to connect young women with mentors in media and beyond. SHE may look and sound different from what people are use to, and that's just how we like it, because we are breaking new ground. We are trailblazers, entrepreneurs, artists, innovators, and activists. Supporting girls crossing into womanhood, we have a shared mission: honor ourselves and love, respect and elevate one another. It is our responsibility to leave the world better than we found it, and we will. We are SHE.


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