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Fifteen years ago, we met at a dance studio in Washington, DC and became fast friends. Our dance careers gave us the opportunity to travel the world both together and separately. Experiencing different places and cultures while surrounded by inspiring people was a game changer.

Having been blessed with opportunities and also experiencing first hand many of the challenges facing young women, we decided it was time to figure out a way to help other young women on their journeys. Exploring ways to give back, to pay our blessings forward and create opportunities for our S.H.E. community

It took us years to reclaim our confidence and clarity amidst a cacophony of criticism. Hearing the stories of amazing women who paved the way for us was our inspiration for creating a mentorship program for girls.


We spent a year leading workshops at schools and after-school programs around the country, listening to girls to find out what they needed, what areas in their life they were seeking knowledge, education and support. and how we could leverage our resources to help. They spoke and we listened. 


S.H.E. is a labor of love, a passion project rooted in our desire to help young women navigate through life's challenges while being supported by a strong community. 



Amber, aka Amberelli

Hey friends! Community and connection are my jam. I believe in the power of inter-generational sisterhood to heal and transform. In 2014, I founded Soul Sisters Collective, a sisterhood for innovative entrepreneurs and  leaders. The vision for S.H.E. was born from a desire to expand our community by creatively exploring ways to  support the next generation of female leaders. I find beauty in the celebration of our differences and the underlying humanity that connects  us all. By day, I work in finance. I love long walks in NYC, I could eat guacamole every day  and I am known to drop everything I'm doing when I see a dog.

Juliana, aka JuJu

Hey! I'm Juliana but you can call me Juju. I'm so proud to be one of the co-founders of S.H.E! I've been working with youth for about 16 years and I'm so passionate about working to build community through the arts. I've been a choreographer and dancer for the better part of my life and I could not be more grateful for the incredible experiences this has brought me. I am also our resident animal fanatic and crazy cat lady. You can catch me practicing my photography all over town or taking dance classes of all sorts in any of the dance studios in NYC. I'm so excited to meet all of you and build our sisterhood!

Meet the Team

Lily Ann Thorpe, Programming Powerhouse and Creative Curriculum

Hey! I’m Lily. I’m finishing up my Masters degree in Social Work at NYU. I facilitate creative arts therapy and intervention groups.  I'm a certified yoga instructor. I assist in developing curriculum and programming for SHE. You can find me doing yoga all over the city and working on my impromptu dance moves. Other things I love:
*Ginger life


Caroline Curry,       

Blog Boss and Sisterhood Specialist

Hi, I’m Caroline but you can call me CiCi. I am a 13 year old girl riding on a roller coaster called my life. My passion is writing. When I write I can express my feelings and thoughts in a way I can’t with speech. As a Lead writer I help curate content for the Sisters Collective Blog.  I am here to help, I am here to talk… so lets talk about it.

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