Our SHE community is built on the spirit of adding value, forging opportunities and engaging in creative ways to give. It is our goal is to make sure that every young woman who wants to attend SHE Camp, workshops, and participate in our mentoring program gets that chance. We award several full scholarship to all of our programs so that our girls never have to worry about financial constraints. Your donations help to cover the cost of the curriculum, lodging, excursions, food travel and one on one mentoring. Your contributions make what we do possible and for that we are so grateful.

SHE Star


Your donation covers the complete camp costs, programming, one-one-one mentoring and online support for five young women. You will receive a custom SHE merchandise bundle, a handwritten thank you card and video from the young women you sponsor and a featured sponsor recognition on our website.


Dream Maker


Covers the costs of our guest speakers travel, accommodation for SHE Camp, mentor trips, programming, production and course materials for our one-on-one mentoring program. Your donation will include a handwritten thank you card, a SHE merchandise bundle

SHE Sponsor


Sponsor a SHE girl to attend camp, participate in our one-on-one mentoring program and online community.

Helping Hand


Want to help us to create awesomely amazing original content? As a token of appreciation you'll receive a SHE tote filled with all the essentials: SHE workbook, journal, SHE-shirt and coffee mug.

SHE Starter Kit


The welcome to SHE tote filled with all the essentials supplies for camp: SHE handbook, workbook, journal,

Choose your own Adventure

Every dollar makes a difference. We are supported by your and inspired by your generosity. Thank you.