Dear S.H.E parents,


We are so excited and honored that you are entrusting us with your daughters on this journey.  We know how important it is for you to see your girls happy, healthy, inspired and thriving. That is important to us too. That's why our SHE team is committed to creating a loving and supportive community forged in the spirit of sisterhood. SHE is a safe space for your daughters to connect with peers and mentors while gaining the confidence of self-expression. They will receive the encouragement to dream big and the support to bring those dreams to life. 


Our network of super-star mentors will support and nurture the young women of SHE as they dive in to explore their fields of interest.  Our one-on-one mentor program pairs a SHE member with an amazing woman who is successful in that particular field of interest. Our mentors go through an extensive interview process and background check to ensure the safety of our girls. In our founders lead workshops, our girls will work directly with us on exercises to dig deep into finding who they are and what they are passionate about while finding connection and community at a deeper level within themselves and participants in the workshop.  Our S.H.E camp is a place where our girls can explore different fields of interest with mentors who are experts.  They will be participating in exercises that will challenge them mentally as well as emotionally all while being supported and nurtured to grow.  S.H.E is a special place where growth and transformation into strong, empowered and compassionate young women is our goal; Sisterhood and community is our strength, and diversity is cause for celebration. 


Thank you for supporting us, thank you believing in us.  We are proud to be S.H.E!


With love and gratitude,